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Wood Creations is where ecology, art, and practical function meet. Harvesting components of antique furniture combined with various wood species, Kristopher Irmiter creates distinctive, upcycled items with new stories of their own. Inventory is dynamic and many are one of-a-kind. Commissioned projects are accepted as available.


Hand crafted decor that's sure to please everyone on your gift list as well as yourself! With equal parts childlike whimsy and worldly sophistication Singing-Nurse Designs (Kay Irmiter) curates ribbon & fabric to magically mold them into eye-catching boutique items for your Hearth & Home. Customization of many items is available so if an item grabs your attention but you desire a tweak, inquire about options.

Bespoke Gifts

Bespoke Gifts features artisan items from the Operatic Encore Collective along with Encore 2K Creative creations. From Leather-works, to truly one-of-a-kind jewelry, home decor, gourmet popcorn, and even literature, there is absolutely something for everyone here. True to the name, our partner artists may be available to fulfill a commission request.


Weddings ~ Birthdays
Anniversaries ~ Graduations

Looking for a specific event for a special person? Shopping for yourself, or simply browsing for ideas? You won't be disappointed when you *wander the aisles* of Encore 2K Creative.


Where some see an obstacle, others see inspiration

Our Story


Calibrated to creativity!

Artists. To us the world presents differently. We experience life through an innate lens that skews towards, well..... towards an "itch" to create. Whether as an avocation or a profession, to be an artist is to hear and respond to the voice of creativity. The "itch" compels us to respond, to create, to express, to breathe life into a creative thought.

That voice of creativity is the genesis of Encore 2K Creative. As musicians we spent years training and achieving the highest level of vocal proficiency and performing in front of thousands of people. This was the creativity outlet for many years. But after achieving proficiency in one avenue, often the inclination to create leads to other endeavors. That's what you'll find here. Sure, the items we offer at Encore 2K Creative are useful (often downright practical) and commonly owned. But it's the *how* they come into existence that makes them genuinely special! Each one a tangible result of following curiosity, allowing the inspiration and creativity to choose the path. Through the artisan's craft, all our products harness the satisfaction of CREATING!! And that... is the art within every item! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy looking around.

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